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The term Dinaric comes from the name of a mountain called Dinara, on the border of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In geography, it is used to describe the Dinaric Alps mountain chain.

The following meaning may be controversial:

The Dinarics are a people from the Balkans, characterized by broad face, relatively flat skull, stocky build, and long and more or less inclined nose and short arms. There is a fair mix of brunettes, blonds and brown-haired individuals in the Dinaric group and their skins are usually rosey to olive. Male members have a robust, or rustic look while the females tend to be more masculine. They share some affinities with the Alpiness, Kypchaks and the Iranians and are sometimes indistinguishable from some Anatolians and Caucasus groups. Slavic language speakers constitute the majority of Dinarics while there are also large numbers of Romanian, Albanian and Turkic language speakers. Famous Dinarics include Slobodan Milosevic. More than 60% in the Balkans and North of Italy,30% in Check Rep., Slovakia, Austria and Ukraine.