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The Iranians means the Aryans. The Aryans were an Indo European people. They lived somewhere in Siberia east of the Ural mountains; either before the Ice age or probably during a period of Glaciation and bitter winters, some time after the real Ice Age.

They are the ancestors of the Iranians (they migrated into present day Iran and became the settled Persians, etc.), Northern Indian, Northern and Western Afghanis, The Tajikis, The Uzbekis, Kassaks, Azeris, Ossetians, Chechenyans, Georgians, Kurds and Armenian.

They are related with the Celts, the Latins, the Hellenes, the Germans, Norse Men, the Slavs and most European peoples, with few exceptions. All these at one time probabbly formed basically one people.

Both the name Iran and India are rather recent compositions, and both mean Land of the Aryans. The Persians, an Aryan tribe, where from Pars, an area in the Iranian plateau.