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Digital Research

Digital Research (often DRI; originally, Intergalactic Digital Research) was the company created by Gary Kildall to market and develop his CP/M operating system and related products. It was the first large software company in the microcomputer world, and their operating systems were the de-facto standard of their era as Microsoft Windows is today. The company was later purchased by Novell in 1991, primarily to gain access to the OS line.

DRI's product suite included the original CP/M and its various offshoots; DR-DOS which was a MS-DOS compatible version of CP/M, and MP/M, the multi-user CP/M. They also produced a selection of programming languages for their platforms, including C, Pascal, COBOL, Forth and BASIC.

They also produced a microcomputer version of the GKS graphics standard (related to NAPLPS) called GSX, and later used this as the basis of their GEM GUI. Less well known are their applications programs, limited largely to the GXS based DR-DRAW and a small suite of GEM based GUI programs.