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Demomakers are the people who make demos or other demoscene productions, they're mostly students; quite young people (between 15 and 30) who are computer addicts spending days (well, nights actually) on coding their demos. They often have a pseudonym, their real name is seldom used.

The countries most known for demomaking are Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden and Finland), Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, France, Hungary, Poland and Switzerland. Some eastern countries (Russia, ...) recently arrived with some pretty good productions. Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan, Israel and the United States are less active. The other countries are still starting in this domain.

As a demo usually takes quite long to make (not a day but days, and week, and months...), and as a coder is not always good in composing ziks, the work is divided, demomakers group themselves, thus creating demogroups. A demoscene group is like a firm, it has it's own name and reputation, for example: Future Crew, Impact Studios, Pulse. They meet themselves on the chats networks (IRC) and in real life during the demoparties.