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Future Crew

Future Crew is a now-defunct group of influential coders and artists who created PC demos and software. The group was founded in 1986 by Psi; other members included, over time, Trug, Wildfire, Pixel, ICE, GORE, Abyss, Purple Motion and Skaven, as well as several others not listed here.

Notable demos by the Future Crew included Unreal (released at Assembly 1992), Panic (released at The Party 1992) and 2nd Reality (released at Assembly 1993). Many consider 2nd Reality to be the best PC demo ever made. It contained groundbreaking effects, perfect scripting and stunning music by both Purple Motion and Skaven which were syncronized to the effects.

Tributes to Future Crew include a 3D graphics benchmark called Final Reality by Remedy Entertainment (shown at Assembly 1997), and another version of the Second Reality demo for the Commodore 64 by Smash Design (released at The Party 1997).

Future Crew was also responsible for the popular MOD editor ScreamTracker, which was fashioned after the Amiga SoundTracker. Since development on ScreamTracker ceased, Jeffrey Lim created Impulse Tracker which is very similar to ScreamTracker, yet with many more features.

Some Future Crew members started Bitboys Oy, a graphics hardware company.

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