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Delta Air Lines Flight 1411

Delta Air Lines Flight 1411 was a flight that flew from Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport near Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas to Salt Lake City International Airport in Salt Lake City, Utah. That aircraft on this flight crashed on August 31, 1988, after take off from Dallas-Fort Worth Airport.

2 of 7 crew members and 12 of the 101 passengers on board lost their lives.

The flight was being performed on a Boeing 727, registration #NA473DL, which was the 992nd. Boeing 727 to be delivered. It had been delivered in 1973.

Two facts were primarily blamed for the tragedy of flight 1411: The crew had not ensured that the wing's flaps were properly positioned for take-off, and the plane's unprepared take-off horn was not functioning. As a result, the plane struck a nearby object immediately after taking off, causing the accident.

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