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Deep Ecology

Deep Ecology is a doctrine that promotes a reconnection with ecological values, and encourages actions that can lead to experiences that transform old ways of thinking and develop a more spiritually connected way of living.

It was influential in the formation of a more generic deep ecology and Gaia philosophy. See those articles for its relation to other movements

Deep Ecologists believe that humankind has a sacred relationship with Earth and all other living beings, and through such a relationship will develop an international movement for a viable future. On a more individual level, Deep Ecology can provide a path towards self-realisation and a compass for day to day action.

To this end Deep Ecologists support :

These views were also influential in forming the Ten Key Values propounded by North American Greens.

Many of the ideas of Deep Ecology have been expounded in the book The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey. The book is about four saboteurs out to fight against what they view as anti-environmental atrocities, for example dams. Dave Foreman is another primary thinker of the Deep Ecology movement.

In recent years there has been considerable debate between those following the original doctrines of Deep Ecologists and the Social ecology movement led by Murray Bookchin. These are distinguishable from the more limited and generic view of a deep ecology which includes human beings as an inherent organ of Earth, the Gaia philosophy which sees the Earth itself as one living thing, and the more limited goals of the scientific ecology movement, political environmental movement, and aesthetic conservation movement.

Deep Ecology, however, could be reasonably said to be a root of them all.

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