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Dean Shomshak

Dean Shomshak (born 1964) is the author of supplements for role playing games. Starting his career writing articles for game magazines, he moved on to writing supplements for Hero Games's Champions system, and currently writes for the game company White Wolf.

Magazine articles


  • Creatures of the Night: Horror Enemies. HERO Games, 1993
  • The Ultimate Super-Mage. HERO Games, 1996
  • The Super-Mage Bestiary. HERO Games, 1999
  • Time of Thin Blood. White Wolf Games, 1999 (with Sarah Roark)
  • Aberrant: Year One. White Wolf Games, 1999 (with Jim Moore, John R. Snead)
  • "Introduction," in Nights of Prophecy. White Wolf Games, 2000
  • EXALTED Storyteller's Companion. White Wolf Games, 2001 (with Heather Grove and Adam Tinworth)
  • Clanbook: Followers of Set. White Wolf Games, 2001
  • Blood Sacrifice: The Thaumaturgy Companion. White Wolf Games, 2002 (with Ari Marmell)
  • "Guardians of the Invisible Fortress," in Time of Tumult. White Wolf Games, 2002
  • Mexico City By Night. White Wolf Games, 2002 (with Philippe R. Boulle and Lucien Soulban)
  • Relics and Rituals. Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2002 (with diverse hands)
  • EverQuest Role-Playing Game Game Master's Guide. Sword and Sorcery Studio, 2002 (with diverse hands)
  • Sunset Empires. White Wolf Games, 2002 (with diverse hands)
  • Lair of the Hidden. White Wolf Games, 2003 (with Sarah Roark and Janet Trautvetter)