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David Fincher

David Fincher (born May 10, 1962) is a film director.

Born in Denver, Colorado, Fincher started as an animator at Industrial Light and Magic in 1980 and stary until 1984(?). In 1986 he founded the video-production company Propaganda Films. He directed big-budget videos for artists such as Madonna including "Express Yourself", George Michael, Aerosmith and the Rolling Stones with their "Love Is Strong" clip; as well as commercials. Like a number of other video directors, including Julien Temple, Russel Mulcahy and Tarsem, he then moved into film with the debut of Alien 3, which was then the most expensive picture by a first-time director. However, this film is largely considered to be a financial and critical failure.Nevertheless, his career rebounded with the dark thriller SE7EN, and his rise as an innovative filmmaker has continued, putting him in the forefront of his post-video director contemporaries.


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