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David Barrett

David Barrett (born 2 October, 1930, Vancouver), commonly known as Dave Barrett, was a British Columbian politician and former social worker. He was Premier of British Columbia for three years between 1972 and 1975.

He was first elected to British Columbia's legislature in 1960, running on the ticket of the CCF (now NDP). He became known for his public speaking abilities and held his seat through four elections. He ran for the provincial leadership of the NDP, but lost to Tom Berger. However, Mr. Berger was voted out in the next election, leaving Berrett to ascend to the leadership.

Dave Berrett led the NDP to its first provincial victory against the stagnating Bennett government and became Premier of British Columbia on September 15, 1972.

His government is remembered mostly for its rapid spending, quickly taking the government from surplus to debt. Under Berrett, the government started the Royal Hudson steam train service, substantially reformed the welfare system, and was responsible for a student employment initiative on BC Ferries, which ultimately ended up a disaster.

He was voted out of office in 1975, after a short tenure, mostly over his government's bad handling of finances.

Preceded by:
W. A. C. Bennett
List of British Columbia premiers Succeeded by:
William R. Bennett