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Cyrus Griffin

Cyrus Griffin was the tenth and last President of the United States in Congress assembled under the Articles of Confederation, holding office from January 22, 1788 to March 4, 1789. He was preceded in office by Arthur St. Clair. With the approval of the United States Constitution, his position was eliminated.

Griffin was born in Virginia in 1749. He was educated in England and while there married a lady belonging to a noble family. He was a member of the Virginia legislature and a delegate to the Continental Congress in 1778 - 1781 and in 1787 -1788. He was president of the Supreme Court of admiralty from its creation until its abolition, was commissioner to the Creek nation in 1789, and was judge of the United States court for the district of Virginia from December, 1789, until his death, in Yorktown, Virginia, December 14, 1810.

Biographical Facts

\n* Born in Virginia in 1749\n* Died in Yorktown, Virginia, December 14, 1810

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