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Cyrix 6x86

A sixth-generation, 64-bit 80x86-compatible microprocessor designed by Cyrix and manufactured by IBM. The 6x86 combines aspects of both RISC and CISC. It has a superscalar, superpipelined core, and performs register renaming, speculative execution, out-of-order completion, and data dependency removal. It has a 16-kilobyte primary cache and is socket-compatible with the Intel Pentium P54C. It has six performance levels: PR 90+, PR 120+, PR 133+, PR 150+, PR 166+ and PR 200+.

The architecture of the 6x86 is more advanced than that of the Intel Pentium, incorporating some of the features of the Intel Pentium Pro. At a given clock rate it executes most code more quickly than a Pentium would. However, its FPU is considerably less efficient than Intel's.

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