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CSS Texas

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Launched:January 1865
Struck:15 October 1867
General Characteristics
Length:217 feet
Beam:48.5 feet
Draft:13.5 feet
Complement:50 officers and men
Armament:four pivots, two broadside guns
CSS Texas, an twin-screw ironclad ram of the Confederate Navy, was named for the territory first of Spain and then of Mexico and later an independent republic that was admitted to the Union as the 28th state. She was sister ship to CSS Columbia. Her keel was laid down at Richmond, Virginia. She was launched in January 1865.

At the time of Robert E. Lee's evacuation of Richmond on 3 April 1865, she was left unfinished but intact in an outfitting berth at the Richmond Navy Yard, one of only two vessels which escaped destruction by the departing Confederate forces. Captured when the city fell the following day, the ironclad was taken into the United States Navy, but saw no service. Texas was laid up at Norfolk until 15 October 1867 when she was sold to J.N. Leonard.

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This article includes information collected from the Dictionary of American Naval Fighting Ships.