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Crusader Rabbit

Crusader Rabbit was one of the first cartoons produced for television.

The idea of an animated series made for television originated with animator Alex Anderson, who worked for Terrytoons Studios. Terrytoons preferred to remain with film animation, and Anderson approached Jay Ward for financing. Ward became business manager and producer and joined with Anderson to form "Television Arts Productions". They sold the series to the NBC television network, who assigned Jerry Fairbank as supervising producer.

The series was broadcast from 1949 - 1951 and featured a brave Crusader Rabbit, his pal Ragland T. Tiger (Rags), and their nemesis, Dudley Nightshade.

The series was revived and 200 color episodes were produced in 1957 by Capitol Enterprises.

The voice of Crusader Rabbit was provided by Lucille Bliss in the original series, and Ge Ge Pearson in the revived series. Vern Louden played Rags in both. In the initial series, Dudley Nightshade was played by Russ Coughlin and narration was by Roy Whaley.

Jay Ward went on to produce The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show.