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Central Independent Television

Central TV logo, early 1990s

Central Independent Television, or to give it its familiar name, Central Television, is a British Independent Television company that took over from ATV in 1982. Despite a new logo and on-air image, the company was a continuation of ATV in many respects, having originally applied for the franchise as ATV Midlands Limited - the IBA forced it to change its name to reflect more fully its Midlands base. In 1993 the company was bought by Carlton Television and in 1999 changed its on-air name to Carlton (Central Region). In 2002, it became ITV1 Carlton (Central England) on-air, though the registered company name remains Central Independent Television Limited.

Notable programmes made by Central include Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (series 1 and 2), Sharpe, Spitting Image, Cadfael and Inspector Morse.

There is (or was) also an Australian commercial station called Central Independent Television, but two companies are not affiliated.