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Cricket (insect)

The cricket are insectss related to the grasshopper and katydid (order Orthoptera). They have somewhat flattened bodies and long antennae. Crickets are known for the loud chirping noises they make by rubbing their corrugated wing casings against combs on their hind legs. The females have a long needlelike egg-laying organ (ovipositor).

The true crickets constitute a family (Gryllidae) which contains the common or field crickets and in addition several other forms more or less different in appearance. Field crickets are brown or black; despite the name, some of them enter houses. Tree crickets are usually green with broad, transparent wings, and frequent trees and shrubs. Mole crickets are thick-bodied brown insects with forelimbs that are highly developed for burrowing.

In addition to these, several other orthopteran species are also called "crickets", although they are not crickets in the true meaning of the term:

See Orthoptera for more details on these and other families.

There are around 900 species known worldwide.

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