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Coventry Canal

The Coventry Canal is a narrow Canal in England which travels for 38 miles (65 km) between Coventry and just north of Lichfield. But also runs through the towns of Bedworth, Nuneaton, Atherstone, Polesworth and Tamworth.

The Route

The canal begins at a basin in the centre of Coventry, and runs north. Just north of Coventry, it forms a junction with the Oxford Canal. a few miles further north just outside Bedworth it connects to the Ashby Canal, it then runs north-west for a number of miles through Nuneaton, Atherstone and Polesworth. At Tamworth it joins to the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal. Just north of Lichfield the Coventry canal finishes at "Fradley junction" with the Trent and Mersey Canal.


The Coventry Canal Company was formed in 1768 and James Brindley was commissioned to build it, work started on the canal in the december of that year.

Due to the high standards of construction demanded by Brindley, by the time the canal had reached Atherstone in 1769, the canal company had run out of money, and Brindley was sacked.

The canal remained half finished for another seventeen years, but was finally completed and opened in 1789. The canal was for many years an important artery of trade, and was nationalised in 1948, and taken over by British Waterways.

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