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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Class: Magnoliopsida
Order: Cornales
Family: Cornaceae
Genus: Cornus

Table of contents
1 Subgenus Mesomora
2 Subgenus Svida
3 Subgenus Chamaepericlymenum
4 Subgenus Cynoxylon
5 Mesomora
6 Svida (Swida)
7 Chamaepericlymenum
8 Cynoxylon

Subgenus Mesomora

  • Cornus alternifolia - pagodatree or alternate-leaf dogwood
  • Cornus controversa - giant dogwood

Subgenus Svida

  • Cornus alba - Tatarian dogwood
  • Cornus austrosinensis
  • Cornus amomum - silky dogwood
  • Cornus asperifolia - rough-leaf dogwood
  • Cornus bretschneider
  • Cornus coreana
  • Cornus drummondii - rough-leaf dogwood
  • Cornus foemina - swamp dogwood
  • Cornus hemsleyi
  • Cornus koehneana
  • Cornus macrophylla - bigleaf dogwood
  • Cornus obliqua - pale dogwood
  • Cornus oligophlebia
  • Cornus papillosa
  • Cornus parviflora
  • Cornus quinquenervis
  • Cornus racemosa - northern swamp dogwood
  • Cornus rugosa - round-leaf dogwood
  • Cornus sanguinea - bloodtwig dogwood
  • Cornus schindleri
  • Cornus sericea - redtwig dogwood
  • Cornus stricta - southern swamp dogwood
  • Cornus ulotricha
  • Cornus walteri - Walter dogwood
  • Cornus wilsoniana

Subgenus Chamaepericlymenum

  • Cornus canadensis - bunchberry
  • Cornus glabrata
  • Cornus mas - Cornelian cherry
  • Cornus sessilis
  • Cornus suecica - Swedish cornel
  • Cornus unalaschkensis

Subgenus Cynoxylon

  Cornus angustata
  Cornus capitata
  Cornus chinensis - Chinese dogwood
  Cornus florida -
flowering dogwood
  Cornus hongkongensis
  Cornus kousa - Kousa dogwood
  Cornus multinervosa
  Cornus nuttallii - Pacific dogwood
  Cornus officinalis - Japanese cornel

The genus Cornus is also known as the dogwoods, with over fifty species. Most species have opposite leaves. The fruit of all species is a drupe with one or two seeds. Flowers have four parts.

Cornus has been divided into various subgenera, with numbers ranging from four to nine or more. Four subgenera are enumerated here:

Many species in the Svida group are stoloniferous shrubs, growing along waterways. Several of these are used for naturalizing landscape plantings, especially the species with bright red or bright yellow stems.

Most of the species in the Cynoxylon group are small trees used as ornamentals. One, the Cornelian cherry, has edible fruit.

Eastern North American species of Cornus:


Svida (Swida)



dogwood, Cornus florida, in bloom

For a treatment of Asian dogwoods, see: " class="external">

Cornus is also the name of a commune in the Aveyron département, in France