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Computer Film Company

The Computer Film Company was one of the first digital film special effects companies. Founded in London in 1984, CFC developed its own technology of digital film scanning, compositing and output devices. The latest generation of the scanning technology is the Northlight film scanner. Theo Wade Brown was responsible for the scanner's remarkable physical and mechanical design.

This achievement has been recognized throughout the industry, and has led to CFC being awarded two Scientific and Technical Academy Awards.

Directors who have worked with CFC include Danny Boyle, Tim Burton, Joel Coen, Neil Jordan, Stanley Kubrick, Nick Park, John Woo and Robert Zemeckis.

As of 2001, CFC was credited with work on over 140 films.

Recent projects include:

CFC has now (2001) been merged. with Framestore, into Framestore CFC, one of the largest special effects companies in Europe.

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