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Resident Evil

The Resident Evil series (also known as Bio Hazard), developed by Capcom, are horror-adventure video games that chronicles the events of Raccoon City, a typical urban city which has become the subject of the evil Umbrella Corporation. As a result of the corporation's experiments with a kind of virus, its residents have turned into mindless zombies (and sometimes worse) prone to acts of random violence. Throughout the series, you control several members of STARS (an elite law enforcement group) as they try to reconcile the situation, and then eventually escape as their efforts come to no avail. Other characters that have not fallen prey to the virus may assist you, including a member of the military and even a small child.

As of August 2003, the following titles have been published:

The success of this series has spawned a comic book series, a novelization, and a Hollywood action film based loosely on the video game storyline. Like most game adaptations, they suffered continuity issues, thus received much negative reviews. The Resident Evil series is also controversial. Capcom has made a deal with Nintendo, the resident evil series will now be exclusive for the Gamecube