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Columbia Seafirst Center

The Columbia Seafirst Center (now known as the Bank of America Tower) is the tallest skyscraper in the Seattle skyline. Standing at a height of 295 meters (967 feet), it is also the fourth tallest skyscraper west of the Mississippi and the twelth tallest building in the U.S It contains 76 stories of office space above ground and 7 stories of various use below ground. This makes it the tallest building by nomber of stories west of the Mississippi. Construction of this building was begun in 1982 and finished in 1985.

The base of the building is clad in Rosa Purino Carnelian granite, giving the building an elegant appearance. The building's structure is comprised of three geometric arches, causing the building to appear like three towers standing side by side. The tower was originally designed to be about 306.5 meters (1,005 feet) tall, but federal regulations by the FAA would not allow it to be that tall so close to the nearby Sea-Tac Airport. There is an observation deck on the 73th floor.

The tower was originally named the Columbia Center when it was first built. The name was later changed to Columbia Seafirst Center, and then to the Bank of America Tower. The building's new name has given it the nickname "BOAT" (Bank of America Tower).

The architectural firm that designed this building was Chester L. Lindsey Architects.

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