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Coat of Arms of Manitoba

The first part of the coat of arms of the province of Manitoba, Canada, officially the Arms of Her Majesty in Right of the Province of Manitoba, was the shield, which was assigned by royal warrant of King Edward VII on May 10, 1905. On the white chief is the Cross of Saint George, a symbol of England. The bison is a symbolic reminder of the various bison that formerly roamed the province. The remainder of the Coat of Arms was granted in 1992.

The helmet above the shield is gold and faces left, a symbol of Manitoba's co-sovereign status in Confederation. The mantling is in Canada's national colours. The crest is a beaver, Canada's national animal, holding a praire crocus, Manitoba's provincial flower. The crest is surmounted by a crown, representing royal sovereignty.

The motto is Gloriosus et Liber - Glorious and Free.


For the Arms: Vert on a Rock a Buffalo statant proper, on a Chief Argent the cross of St. George.

For the crest: Upon a helm in trian aspect Or mantled Gules doubled Argent and wreathed of these colours a beaver sejeant upholding with its back a representation of the Royal Crown proper its dexter forepaw raised holding a prairie crocus (Anemone patens) slipped also proper.

For the supporters: Dexter a unicorn Argent armed crined and unguled Or gorged with a mural coronet Vert masoned and encircled with maple leaves Argent pendant therefrom the wheel of a Red River cart Vert sinister a horse Argent crined queued and unguled Or gorged with a collar of Prairie Indian beadwork proper pendant therefrom a cycle of life medallion Vert

For the Compartment: A mound bearing seven prairie crocuses slipped proper between to the dexter a wheat field Or and to the sinister a forest of white spruce (Picea glauca) proper the whole rising above barry wavy Argent and Azure


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