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Clive Anderson

Clive Anderson is a former barrister (specialising in criminal law) turned television presenter from the United Kingdom. He is also a comedy sketch writer, who has written for Frankie Howerd and Griff Rhys Jones/Mel Smith.

He is famous for his fast, nervous delivery, and his close-to-the-knuckle witticisms. Most famously, he made remarks about the Bee Gees during an television interview with them which caused them to walk out and once had a glass of water poured over his head by a perturbed Richard Branson.

He went to university at Selwyn College, Cambridge. He was involved in the fledgling alternative comedy scene in the early 1980s and even performed on occasion. He made his name as host of the improvised television comedy show, Whose Line Is It Anyway, in which he said his absurd catchphrase at the end of each show: "This is me, Clive Anderson, saying goodnight. Goodnight!".

More recently, he's forged a career on Radio 4 presenting a legal affairs show and has produced several pieces of journalism for various newspapers.

Shows he has presented include: