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Cleethorpes is a town in North East Lincolnshire, England, situated at the mouth of the river Humber.

It is a seaside resort and is physically linked to the neighbouring town of Grimsby.

In the 19th century it was a fishing village but after the construction of the railway between the industrial towns of Yorkshire and the coast it grew rapidly. It has been a popular day resort for many years. Recent years have seen the growth of large residential caravan parks.

The sea front provides excellent views of the considerable shipping traffic entering and leaving the Humber for the ports of Grimsby, Immingham, Hull and Goole.

Two large fortifications, the Humber Forts are visible in the mouth of the river.

The Greenwich meridian passes through the town and a signpost shows some interesting distances in miles. North Pole 2517 miles (4050 kilometres), South Pole 9919 miles (19562 kilometres), New York 3481 miles (5602 kilometres), London 143 miles (230 kilometres).

Visitor attractions include the Pier, Pleasure Island Theme Park, miniature railway, sandy beaches, Discovery Centre, Jungle World.

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