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Church Stretton

Church Stretton is a town in south west Shropshire.

Stretton (as it's known by locals), is a little manufacturing town hidden away in the Shropshire Hills and famous for its water and stunning views. The population is about 5000, and it's only one of three towns with a population over 3000 in South Shropshire.

People have lived in the Strettondale for thousands of years, and an Iron Age hillfort still overlooks the town, which is called "Stretton" because the Roman Road, Watling Street, runs through it.

The town is dominated by the huge Long Myndd massif, which provides the town with both it's views, and the water that the towns economy is based around. The water comes from an underground glacial lake, and is extracted from boreholes at various places on the Long Myndd, and the water bottling is the towns biggest employer.

Historically, the town was noted for its textiles, but the carding mill closed at the beginning of the 20th centuary, leaving only the name of the valley that the mill was in (Carding Mill Valley, now the towns biggest tourist area).

Other employers include a polymer laboratory on the east side of the town, and tourism which is a growth industry in the area and as a result the town is getting more media exposure than it used to (it was, for example recently mentioned in the infamous tabloid The Sun).

A notable feature of the town, is the large number of different churches.

Church Stretton is nicknamed "Little Switzerland", both because of its mountainous terrain, and because the town is run like clockwork.

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