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Chuck Biscuits

Chuck Biscuits (born April 17, 1965) was a drummer for D.O.A, Danzig, and, most recently, Social Distortion.

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1 Discography


D.O.A (1978–1982), Drums

Randy Rampage (1982), Drums

Black Flag (1982), Drums

Circle Jerks (1983-1984), Drums

Descendents (1983-1984), Fill-In Drums

Brown Sound (1984-1985), Bass

Floorlords (1985-1986), Drums

Glenn Danzig And The Power And Fury Orchestra (1987), Drums, Tambourine

Danzig (1987-1994), Drums

Run-DMC (1988), Drum Tracks Only

Social Distortion (1996-1998), Drums