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Christmas song

John Denver and the Muppets:
A Christmas Together

A Christmas song is a song which is normally sung during the Christmas period, and usually has some Christmas or winter related theme. If the song is traditional, or specifically has a religious content, then it is often called a Christmas carol, though some might also be called Christmas hymns.

Some songs, such as White Christmas, are songs which have become popular over the Christmas period, and often songs are introduced in films, specifically for Christmas. Such songs are not strictly Christmas carols.

Examples of Christmas songs include:

Some songs have little relationship to Christmas, but are hyped up over the period. Each year, record companies compete for the Christmas number one single spot, usually, but not always, with a Christmas-related song.

"The Christmas Song" (also known as "Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire") was written by Mel Torme.