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Chinese University of Hong Kong

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is one of the seven universities in Hong Kong, it is also one of the oldest. It was founded in 1963 when New Asia College (1949), Chung Chi College (1951) and United College (1956) were amalgamated. Shaw College joined in 1986 to become one of the four member colleges of today's CUHK.

The campus is located at the bay of Tolo Harbour just north of the town of Shatin. It occupies a total area of 134 hectares and is the biggest in Hong Kong.

CUHK hosts one of the only two medical schools in Hong Kong, the other being at the University of Hong Kong.

It can be reached by the Kowloon Canton Railway at the University stop.

In 2002, a controversial discussion about the amalgamation of CUHK with the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology was started by the government.

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