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Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation

Kowloon-Canton Railway Corporation (KCRC) (九廣鐵路公司) is wholly owned by the Hong Kong SAR government and based in Hong Kong. It owns and operates the Kowloon-Canton Railway (KCR) and the Light Rail Transit System.

KCRC's two principal rail lines (KCR East Rail and Light Rail) move more than one million people per day.

KCR offers domestic train services in Kowloon and the northeast New Territories, and a cross-boundary service into mainland China. The cross-boundary East Rail has been KCRC's dominant revenue generator and key growth area. It is the only rail link to mainland China, capturing over 70 percent of all passenger traffic.

KCRC generates income from property management, development and other commercial activities as well.

KCRC is building a HKD 31 billion rail project linking the suburban new town of Shatin to the central business district. The massive expansion will more than double its network by around 2009/10

Talk of a merger between KCRC and the MTR to make the territory's transport system more efficient has been a heated topic since 2002. MTRC, which was listed in 2000 with the government retaining a majority stake, backed a merger while government-owned KCRC opposed the plan.

Commuters can buy tickets or use the Octopus card for fare payment.

Recently the company has introduced 20 percent discount for passengers using KCR return on the same day

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