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Cheddar Gorge (game)

Cheddar Gorge is a game often played on the UK radio show I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue and in terms of audience popularity is third only to Mornington Crescent and the allegedly obscure round "One Song to the tune of Another". In spite of the strange name, the rules are quite simple. The purpose of the game is to form a sentence, with each player adding a word in turn and whoever completes the sentence losing.

In practice, the last rule has no effect as the end of the sentence is declared almost entirely arbitrarily by Humph sounding his horn , but it does at least set the tone for the round, which sees the teams construct a long, unwieldy and often nonsensical sentence, generally including as many silly turns of phrase as possible.

For example, one sentence included this fragment: '...cavorting wildly over a cliff, who was in wuthering mood...' which confounded expectations twice in less than two passes round the four panelists, firstly 'cliff' is taken to refer not to a wall of rock, but rather to veteran rocker Cliff Richard and secondly 'wuthering' does not receive its expected continuation 'heights' (Richard was appearing in a stage production of Wuthering Heights at the time).