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The Chechen Republic (Russian: Чеченская Республика) is a constituent republic of the Russian Federation. Bordering Stavropol' Territory to the northwest, the republic of Dagestan to the northeast and east, Georgia to the south, and the republic of Ingushetia to the west, it is located in Northern Caucasus mountains, in the Southern Federal District.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the group of Chechen leaders declared themselves a new parliament and declared independence as the Chechen Republic of Ichkeria. As of 2003, the independence is not recognized by any state; however this declaration caused armed conflicts in which several rival Chechen groups and the Federal army was involved, resulted in more than 38,000 deaths in the period of 1991-2002. On 2003, Federals still do not have full control on the republic.

Чеченская Республика Российской Федерации
Chechenskaya Respublika Rossijskoj Federatsii
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National motto: None
Official languages Russian, Chechen
Capital Grozny
PresidentAkhmad Kadyrov
 - Total
 - % water
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 - Total (1997)
 - Density
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862 000
Currency Russian Rouble
Time zone UTC +3
Calling Code7 (Russia)

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Main article: History of Chechnya''

A part of the Russian Empire since 1859, the Chechnya-Ingushetia region was incorporated as the Checheno-Ingushkaja Autonomous Soviet-Socialist Republic during the founding of the Soviet Union. Over the course of Soviet rule, the Chechens endured a forced deportment of the whole population to the Kazakh SSR (later Kazakhstan) during World War II. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, an independence movement formed in Chechnya, while Russia refused to allow the secession. As a result, Chechnya has undergone two civil wars, which have left most of Chechnya under the control of the federal military. Chechen separatists still claim an independent Chechnya and have orchestrated attacks in Chechnya and other regions of Russia, including Moscow.


Main article: Politics of Chechnya

Chechnya is a republic. Its constitution was entered into effect on April 2, 2003 after all-Chechen referendum held on March 23, 2003.

Since 1990, Chechen Republic suffered of separatist movement. Many laws were broken. However, current government of Chechen Republic meets most laws of Checheno-Ingushkaja ASSR, Chechen Republic, and Russian Federation. This is pro-federal government. Despite popular belief, most Chechen citizens see Chechen Republic only inside Russian Federation (more than 70% by independent and even anti-Russian polls).

The President, Akhmad Kadyrov was elected with 83 percent of the vote in an internationally monitored election in 2003. (However, there are claims of ballot stuffing and voter intimidation, namely from OSCE). Rudnik Dudayev is head of the Chechen Security Council, Anatoliy Popov is a prime minister.

Also there is self-proclaimed separatist government not recognized by any state. The president of this government is Aslan Maskhadov, the Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister is Akhmed Zakayev. Aslan Maskhadov was elected in an internationally monitored election in 1997 for 4 years. Then it was a major force. In 2001 he issued a decree prolonging his office for one additional year; he didn't participate the 2003 presidential election. Maskhadov left Grozny and moved to the separatist-controlled areas of the south with the onset of the Second Chechen War. President Maskhadov has been unable to influence a number of warlords who retain effective control over Chechen territory, and his power was diminished. Most probably, any actions of Maskhadov's government or even its disappearance would not change current situation in the Chechen Republic.

Some territories are or were controlled by regional teips.

Administrative division

  1. Naurskijj rajjon - Наурский район
  2. Shelkovskojj rajjon - Шелковской район
  3. Nadterechnyjj rajjon - Надтеречный район
  4. Groznenskijj rajjon - Грозненский район
  5. Gudermesskijj rajjon - Гудермесский район
  6. Sunzhenskijj rajjon - Сунженский район
  7. Achkhojj-Martanovskijj rajjon - Ачхой-Мартановский район
  8. Urus-Martanovskijj rajjon - Урус-Мартановский район
  9. Shalinskijj rajjon - Шалинский район
  10. Kurchaloevskijj rajjon - Курчалоевский район
  11. Itum-Kalinskijj rajjon - Итум-Калинский район
  12. Shatojjskijj rajjon - Шатойский район
  13. Vedenskijj rajjon - Веденский район
  14. Nozhajj-Jurtovskijj rajjon - Ножай-Юртовский район
  15. Sharojjskijj rajjon - Шаройский район

  1. Znamenskoe - Знаменское
  2. Naurskaja - Наурская
  3. Achkhojj-Martan - Ачхой-Мартан
  4. Urus-Martan - Урус-Мартан
  5. Groznyjj city - Грозный
  6. Shali - :Шали
  7. Gudermes - Гудермес
  8. Shelkovskaja - Шелковская
  9. Itum-Shale - Итум-Шале
  10. Shatojj - Шатой
  11. Vedeno - Ведено
  12. Nozhajj-Jurt - Ножай-Юрт


  1. Terek - Терек
  2. Sunzha - Сунжа
  3. Argun - Аргун


During the civil war, the Chechen economy fell apart as organized criminal gangs acquired progressively more power. Official
Russian Rouble and unofficial US Dollar are used as currency. There are much counterfeit US Dollars printed there; separatists planned to put in circulation a new currency, Nahar, but Federal army prevented them.


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