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Charles Albert of Savoy

Charles Albert (October 2, 1798-July 28, 1849) was the Duke of Savoy, Piedmont, Aosta and King of Sardinia from 1831 to 1849.

For all hereditary titles, check Vittorio Amedeo III.

He married Maria Teresa of Tuscany and had children including:

  1. Vittorio Emanuele II
  2. Ferdinand Marie Albert (1822-1855), Duke of Genoa who had 2 children:
    Margaret of Savoy (1851-1926), married Umberto I
  3. Tomasso (1854-1931), Duke of Genoa, who had children including:
    Philiberto, Duke of Pistoia
  4. Adalberto, Duke of Bergamo

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Preceded by:
Carlo Felice
House of Savoy Succeeded by:
Vittorio Emanuele II