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Characters in The Sandman

Warning: Wikipedia contains spoilers. The pages linked below discuss events which occur in The Sandman, and give away plot points that could spoil your enjoyment of the series if you have not yet read it.

The Endless are seven brothers and sisters, anthropomorphic representations of aspects of life. While they primarily control the aspects of life they represent, they also define the opposite of those aspects. Thus, Death also defines life, Delirium defines sanity, etc. They form a dysfunctional family, rivalry and scheming by the younger siblings interrupting the work of the older ones. Killing a member of the family, or the child of one, is a severely punishable offence. Each of the Endless has a realm, a place of uncertain location, geography, geometry and physics in which they are absolutely sovereign. The Endless are generally uncomfortable in each others realms, and do not travel between them unless they absolutely have to. Death is the exception, as she goes wherever she needs to. Within their realm, each member of the Endless has a gallery. In the gallery hang picture frames containing symbols of the other Endless, or sigils. Holding these sigils and speaking a ritual sentence is a formal way for the Endless to contact each other, although at times, merely speaking their name is enough.

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