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Cerdic of Wessex

Cerdic of Wessex was a king of Wessex and a Bretwalda (519-534) of England.

He was first mentioned in 495 when he and his son Cynric lauched the first Saxon raids in what nowadays is Hampshire.

The West-Saxons also fought a British king named Natanleod in Wiltshire and slew him. Under his leadership the West-Saxons also advanced into Dorset and Somerset.

Also the Isle of Wight is mentioned among his campaigns and was later given to his nephews (who brought many other Saxons with them).

In 519 when Cerdic and his subjects had established themselves firmly, Cerdic created the kingdom of Wessex and became its first king.

In 534 Cerdic died and was succeeded by his son Cynric.

Preceded by:
Ælle of Sussex
List of British monarchs Succeeded by:
Cynric of Wessex