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Celestial Chorus

Celestial Chorus is a Tradition of mages in Mage: the Ascension RPG game from White Wolf Game Studio.

It was found circa 1200 BC in ancient Egypt by Mentu-Hetep who received a vision of perfect harmony of God’s song. He was instructed to gather a choir able to sing that song. He ushered a call and soon a congregation of holy mystics was found. However after initial success the Choir quickly fragmented and became primarily first European, then Christian domain. All else religious paths were excluded due to hostilities arisen around mundane conflicts like crusades. It was not until Great Convocation in 1466 that other creeds were being accepted again and not until recent upsurge of New Age that they were treated like equals.

A philosophy behind this organization is very similar to that of Gnostics: a faith that there is a One – supreme, absolute God. Also, Chorus believes that all the faiths are just different paths to the same Being and different gods from all the pantheons are merely His masks – a notion from Hinduistic tradition of Vedanta also imported by Gnostics around. However, it isn’t said that all the members share Gnostic belief that matter is impure and one should concentrate on the spirit instead, living in ascetic way.

The aim for Chorister is to get closer to the God in sense of actually ascending and merging with Him. It is said that if it is to be done, one must walk behind set paths and behind set masks that humanity donned upon the One.