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Carter Harrison, Jr.

Carter Henry Harrison, Jr. (born: April 23, 1860, Chicago, Illinois; died: December 25, 1953; buried in Graceland Cemetery) served as Mayor of Chicago (1897-1915).

Like his father, Carter Harrison, Sr, Carter Harrison, Jr. gained election to five terms as Chicago's mayor. He was the first mayor who was born in the city of Chicago. Educated in Saxe-Altenburg, Germany, Harrison returned to Chicago to help his brother run the Chicago Times, which their father bought in 1891. Like his father, Harrison did not believe in trying to legislate morality. However, Harrison was seen as more of a reformer than his father, which helped him garner the middle class votes his father had lacked. One of Harrison's biggest enemies was Charles Yerkes, whose plans to monopolize Chicago's streetcar lines were vigorously attacked by the mayor. During his final term in office, Harrison closed down the Everleigh Club brothel.