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Carmen Dominicci

Carmen Dominicci is a famous Puerto Rican actress and fashion model turned into a television newswoman or journalist.

Miss Dominicci, a native of Caguas, began appearing on tv commercials in Puerto Rico during the 1980s. Later she began acting in Mini-Series (which is a term used for shorter, 3 or 4 chapter versions of telenovelas), which helped her become a household name and recognized figure in Puerto Rico. During this time also, she became a modeling instructor at Caguas' Polytechnical College, but she had to leave that job when her tv presence became more requested for by the public.

During the '80s also, she married the internationally recognized actor Osvaldo Rios, also of Puerto Rico. Together, they had a son, named Guiliano Rios Dominicci.

During the 1990s, Dominicci became active in the field of news reporting, and started appearing on tv news shows in Puerto Rico. Eventually , she got a job as a news reporter for a New York station, which she left in 2002 to join Univision's tv show Primer Impacto.

Dominicci during her career as a reporter has won numerous awards, including a Emmy regional, a Paoli and a Ace (award). She graduated from Universidad Del Sagrado Corazon.