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Carl Mays

Carl William Mays was born November 12, 1891 in Liberty, Kentucky, and died April 4, 1971 in El Cajon, California. Mays was one of the better pitchers in major league baseball from 1916-1926, but will always be remembered most for throwing the pitch that struck Ray Chapman in the head on August 16, 1920, making Chapman the first on-field fatality in major league baseball's history.

In a 15 year career with the Boston Red Sox, New York Yankees, Cincinnati Reds, and New York Giants, Mays went 207-126, his best season coming in 1921 when he led the American League in wins, innings pitched, games pitched, and winning percentage. Mays was also noted for his skills with a bat, hitting a lifetime .268 in batting average, a number which is unusually high for a pitcher.