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Call My Bluff

Call My Bluff is a British game show between two teams of three contestants, based on the US radio game show Says You. The point of the game is for the teams to take it in turn to provide three definitions of an obscure word, only one of which was correct. The other team then has to guess which is the correct definition, the other two being "bluffs".

The original host was Robin Ray, later succeeded by Robert Robinson. The late Robert Morley and Frank Muir captained the teams. Morley was succeeded by Patrick Campbell, who was in turn succeeded by the late Arthur Marshall.

When the show was resurrected in 1996 after an 8-year rest, Alan Coren and Sandi Toksvig became the team captains, and Bob Holness replaced Robinson as chairman.

In 2003, Toksvig was replaced by the journalist Rod Liddle, and newsreader Fiona Bruce took the chair.