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Says You!

Says You! is a weekly half-hour entertainment program distributed by National Public Radio in the United States. It was created by host Richard Sher, and is produced in Boston, MA by radio station WGBH and Pipit & Finch.

Says You! features a regular group of panelists divided into two teams. The team makeup varies from week to week.

Rounds 1, 3, and 5 vary from week to week. Rounds consist of word games, brain teasers, trivia and parlor games. Typical games include "What's the Difference?", "Odd Man Out", "What Came First?", "Melded Movies", and variations of anagrams, homonyms and other language games.

Rounds 2 and 4 are the same game each week, known as the Says You! bluffing round. It's a variation on the popular word game fictionary. The three members of one team are given an obscure word; one of them gets the actual definition, and the other two must bluff with fake definitions composed within a minute or so. The other team attempts to select the correct definition. Points are awarded for guessing or bluffing successfully.

Listeners can submit questions for the show through its website.

The program is recorded in front of live audiences at locations throughout Boston.

Recordings of the show are available for a fee through