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Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway

The Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway (AAR reporting mark BNSF), the product of a 1995 merger between the Burlington Northern Railroad and the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railway, is possibly the largest railroad network in the United States (the Union Pacific Railroad is almost exactly the same length) at over 33,000 miles of track.

The BNSF paints its locomotives in schemes derived from its predecessor railroads. Many locomotives are painted in "Heritage I" or "Heritage II" schemes, which are based on the Great Northern Railroad's colors of green and orange. Others are painted in "Heritage III" which is the Santa Fe's famous silver-and-red "Warbonnet" scheme, but with BNSF on the sides instead of Santa Fe. These make the BNSF one of the most colorful large railroads in North America.

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