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Braunau am Inn

Braunau am Inn is a small town (population c. 20,000) in Austria. It is in the Innviertel (River Inn area) of Upper Austria (Oberösterreich), the north-western province of Austria. It lies about 90 km west of Linz, close to the border with the German Bundesland of Bavaria.

The town was founded in about 1110 and became a fortress and important trading route junction, dealing with the salt trade and with ship traffic on the River Inn. Through its history it changed hands several times and was Bavarian before 1779 and again 1809-16.

Braunau has a 15th century church with a 99m high tower, as well as castle remains housing a museum, and parts of the former town walls.

Braunau is also notorious as the birthplace in 1889 of Adolf Hitler, a matter on which the town prefers not to dwell. However, the fact is acknowledged in town publications.

Nowadays Braunau has the full range of schools and colleges and has industry including electronics, metal and woodworking, and glass. The local football team, F.C. Braunau, albeit not very successful, plays in the Austrian 1st Division.