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Boris Akunin

Boris Akunin (Grigory Shalvovich Chhartishvili), the Russian essayist, the literary translator, fiction writer Grigory Shalvovich Chhartishvili was born on May 20, 1956 in Georgia, and since 1958 lives in Moscow.

Akunin, under impression from the Japanese theatre Kabuki, has acted on historical-philological branch of Institute of the countries of Asia and Africa of the Moscow State University and became Japanist. Worked as the assistant to the editor-in-chief of magazine "Foreign literature", however in the beginning of October 2000 has left there to be engaged in fiction.

Boris is the editor-in-chief of 20 books of "Anthology of the Japanese literature", chairman of board of a megaproject "Pushkin library " (Soros's Fund), and the author of the book "The Writer and Suicide" (M.: the New literary review, 1999), literary - critiques, translations of the Japanese, American and English literature and the fictional products written under a pseudonym Boris Akunin (novels and stories of series of "Adventures of Erast Fandorin", "The Adventures of sister Pelagia" and "The Adventures of the master".

Akunin is the composer of the collection of the brightest products of modern western detective stories writers " the Medicine for boredom ".

In 2000 B.Akunin was nominated for the Smirnoff-Booker prize. In September of 2000, Akunin was named the Russian Writer of the Year and was the winner of the literary prize "Antibooker" for 2000 for the novel Crowningor Coronation, the last of Romanov. Books about Erast Fandorin have been published in Italy, France, Japan, USA, Germany and in other countries.

In the late 2003 The British Crime Writers' Association announced its short lists for its Daggers Awards 2003. Boris Akunins The Winter Queen was short listed in the category Gold & Silver Daggers for Fiction