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Bob Black

Bob Black is an Americann anarchist. He is the author of The Abolition of Work and other essays, The Best Book Catalogue In The World by Bob Black, Friendly Fire and Anarchy After Leftism. He has also written numerous critiques of other anarchists, notedly Murray Bookchin.

Black is known to be disliked by many figures in the underground publishing scene, however, because of disputes between Black and other publishers. One altercation between him and underground publisher Jim Hogshire resulted in Hogshire being arrested—a move that alienated Black from many anarchists, as he boasted that he had informed on Hogshire to the police leading to the latter's arrest. It is alleged that Jim Hogshire aimed a scoped rifle on Bob Black while standing between him and the exit.

Black's thesis in "The Abolition of Work" draws upon work by Marshall Sahlins and Richard Borshoy Lee. Bob Black seems to be an anarcho-primitivist.


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