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A boat, like a ship, is a vehicle designed for the purpose of ship transport, i.e. effecting passage or transportation across water. It is usually smaller than a ship, and in fact sometimes carried by a ship.

A boat consists of one or more primary structures called hullss and some system of propulsion: oars, paddles, a setting pole, a sail or a motor.

see Norfolk wherry, Dutch Barge, Luxemotor, Tjalk, Peniche, Yachting, Cruising, Sailboat, Lifeboat, Dinghy, Canoe, Kayak, Folding boat, Motorboat, Powerboat Jetboat, Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RIB), Whaleboat, Pinnace, Raft, Ferry, Dhow, Go-fast boat, Felucca.

See also: Sport, Offshore powerboat racing, Jet sprint boat racing, Jet boat

In rowing, a boat refers to the collection of people rowing a particular shell, which is the term applied to the actual vehicle. So a university might refer to its first boat, meaning the rowers who make up their best team, rather than their best piece of equipment.