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Blue Dog Coalition

The Blue Dog Coalition is a group of moderate to conservative Democrats in the United States House of Representatives. The group is currently made up of 34 Democrats, mostly from the South.

The coalition was formed in the 1994 104th Congress as a way for more conservative congressmen of the primarily liberal Democratic party to have a unified voice in Congress. The group's name came from the older description of many in the South who "would vote for a yellow dog if he ran as a Democrat," combined with the feeling that moderate-to-conservative views had been "choked blue" by the Democratic party in years prior to the election.

The Blue Dogs moderate agenda in Congress has angered many in the Democratic party, as it often leads to them voting with the more conservative Republicans. Often, the group will be instrumental in striking a balance between liberal and conservative ideas.

List of Blue Dog members

All Blue Dogs are Democrats in the United States House of Representatives.