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Big West Conference

The Big West Conference (BWC) is an NCAA-affiliated Division I-A major college athletic conference that formerly sponsored American football. The history of the conference is linked to that of the Pacific Coast Athletic Association (PCAA), which was founded in 1969 and renamed the Big West Conference in 1988. The Big West Conference dropped sponsorship of football at the end of the 2000-2001 season, but continues to actively sponsor other sports.

Original members of the BWC (and years of football membership) included California State-Fullerton (1988-1992), Fresno State (1988-1991), Long Beach State (1988-1999), Nevada-Las Vegas (1988-1996), New Mexico State (1988-2000), Pacific (1988-1996), San Jose State (1988-1996), and Utah State (1988-2000).

Other former members (and years of football membership) included Arkansas State (1993-1996 & 1998-2001), Boise State (1996-2001), Idaho (1996-2000), Louisiana-Lafayette (1993-1996), Louisiana Tech (1993-1996), Nevada (1996-1999), North Texas (1996-2000), and Northern Illinois (1993-1996).

Beginning in fall 2001, the six remaining football-playing members parted company with the BWC: Arkansas State, Idaho, New Mexico State, and North Texas joined the Sun Belt Conference; Boise State joined the Western Athletic Conference; and Utah State became an independent before joining the Sun Belt Conference in fall 2003.

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1 Current members (and years joined)
2 Current conference affiliations (for football) of former members
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Current members (and years joined)

Current conference affiliations (for football) of former members


The BWC sponsors intercollegiate competition in menís baseball, menís and womenís basketball, menís and womenís cross country, menís and womenís golf, menís and womenís soccer, menís and womenís swimming and diving, womenís softball, menís and womenís tennis, menís and womenís track and field, and womenís volleyball.