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Western Athletic Conference

The Western Athletic Conference (commonly referred to as the WAC, pronounced "whack") was formed in 1962, making it the sixth oldest of the 11 college athletic conferences currently affiliated with the NCAAís Division I-A. The WAC covers a broad expanse of the western United States, with member institutions located in California, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Texas.

Charter members included Arizona, Arizona State, Brigham Young, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.

Former members include Air Force (1980-1999), Arizona (1962-1978), Arizona State (1962-1978), Brigham Young (1962-1999), Colorado State (1967-1999), Nevada-Las Vegas (1996-1999), New Mexico (1962-1999), San Diego State (1978-1999), Texas Christian (1996-2001), Utah (1962-1999), Wyoming (1962-1999). The 11 former members are now variously aligned with the Mountain West Conference (Air Force, Brigham Young, Colorado State, UNLV, New Mexico, San Diego State, Utah, and Wyoming), the Pacific Ten Conference (Arizona and Arizona State), and Conference USA (Texas Christian).

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Current members (and year joined)

In 2005, Rice, SMU, and Tulsa will leave the WAC for Conference USA. They will be replaced by New Mexico State University and Utah State University, both of which currently play football in the Sun Belt Conference.


The WAC sponsors intercollegiate competition in menís baseball, menís and womenís basketball, menís and womenís cross country, menís football, menís and womenís golf, womenís soccer, womenís softball, womenís swimming and diving, menís and womenís tennis, menís and womenís indoor and outdoor track and field, and womenís volleyball.

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