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Bernardo Pasquini

Bernardo Pasquini (December 7, 1637 - November 22, 1710), Italian music composer, was born at Massa in Val di Nievole (Tuscany).

He was a pupil of Marc' Antonio Cesti and Loreto Vittori. He came to Rome while still young and entered the service of Prince Borghese; later he became organist of St Maria Maggiore. He enjoyed the protection of Queen Christina of Sweden, in whose honour an opera of his, Dov'è amore è pieta, was produced in 1679.

During Alessandro Scarlatti's second sojourn in Rome (1703-1708), Pasquini and Corelli were frequently associated with him in musical performances, especially in connection with the Arcadian Academy, of which all three were members. Pasquini died at Rome, and was buried in the church of St Lorenzo in Lucina.

He deserves remembrance as a vigorous composer for the harpsichord; and an interesting account of his music for this instrument will be found in JS Shedlock's The Pianoforte Sonata.

This entry was originally from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.