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Beatrice Webb

(Martha) Beatrice Webb (née Potter) (January 2, 1858 - April 30, 1943) was a British socialist, economist and reformer, usually referred to in the same breath as her husband, Sidney Webb.

Beatrice Webb was born in Gloucestershire, the granddaughter of a Radical MP, Richard Potter. In 1882, she had a relationship with Radical politician Joseph Chamberlain, by then a Cabinet minister. This was a failure, and in 1890 she was introduced to Sidney Webb, whose help she sought in research she was carrying out. They married in 1892, and remained together for the rest of her life. She was an active partner in all his political and professional activities, including the organisation of the Fabian Society and the establishment of the London School of Economics. She co-authored books such as the History of Trade Unionism (1894), and was co-founder of the New Statesman magazine (1913).